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Established in 1978, MTC Transportation is a private specialized freight and cargo trucking company with an around-the-clock response capability.  Class A drivers pre-screened with Post Office background checks are among the company’s 23 employees, which include administrative staff and regional managers.

The company is structured to provide an exceptional customer service experience with Owner/Contract Manager and Project Managers in place to ensure contract execution to the Contracting Officer’s satisfaction, team training, Task completion per SOO/SOW, pre-employment screening per DOT regulations and contract requirements; and supervision of on site procedures and records.

A resourceful administrative staff of experienced logistics professionals follows all aspects of company performance to meet and exceed contract expectation including schedule, cost control and adherence to all applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), federal, state and local laws and regulations. 

MTC’s Safety and Incentive Program rewards employees and sub-contractors for achieving 100% Task completion and productivity goals in a safe and timely manner.


MTC Transportation is an equal opportunity employer by choice and bases employment decisions on the principles of equal opportunity employment opportunity without discrimination in regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, and persons with disabilities, disabled veteran status, or other bases by applicable law.

Central to our vision is a supplier diversity program that strengthens and widens the playing field for qualified suppliers that are typically underutilized in the supply chain of a large corporation. Building relationships with diverse suppliers helps us engage a wider range of suppliers, which means we harness innovative ideas and processes, gain a competitive advantage and assist in building community infrastructure through employment and training.

We’re committed to offering diverse suppliers an opportunity to succeed. It affirms our commitment to inclusion and diversity supports our business objectives and benefits our communities.


 It is the policy of  MTC Transportation  that a quality product, and employee safety and health are inseparable for continued success. Affirmative steps are taken to provide employee training, performance, and follow-up evaluation.

The objectives are: (1) to provide a safe and healthful workplace free of known hazards for our employees; (2) provide for the safety of the public in connection with its operations; and (3) strive to achieve zero accidents, property and equipment damage or loss. Each of us is to meet a specific level of performance to achieve the stated objectives. In order to determine the degree of success in meeting those objectives, a system of accountability is used to measure each individual’s performance. This avoidance of work-related injuries and illnesses is an inseparable component of quality performance. MTC Transportation  supports this policy with an Accident Prevention Program (APP), which conforms to Federal OSHA, or EM 385-1-1, depending on the project requirements.

 Supervisors and employees working as a team developed our Code of Safe Practices The Director of Safety, Annette Carrington (34-600695235), has been delegated the authority and responsibility of implementing and managing the Accident Prevention Program (APP). The successful implementation of the Accident Prevention Program requires a motivated personal attitude and cooperation in all safety and health matters, company wide. Our program works through a team effort, this provides the means to achieve our goals of quality construction with zero accidents.

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